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Скачать Apress Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping in C Sharp бесплатно

Apress Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping in C Sharp

Apress Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping in C Sharp
www.apress.com Publishing | ISBN: 1590599659 | 2008 | PDF | 405 pages | 6.3 Mb

Writing a book is a difficult task, one that cannot be done without the help of a supporting cast. Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping with C# 2008 is not an exception; many people have contributed and made this project possible. First, I need to thank the wonderful people at Apress who were immeasurably helpful along the way. In particular, I would like to thank my excellent tech editor Fabio Ferracchiati, my project manager Sofia Marchant, my copy editor Sharon Wilkey, and my production editor Kelly Gunther. Thanks, team—this would not have been possible without you.
There are a number of people who have mentored and guided me over the years on the ins and outs of enterprise software development. First are two of my early mentors, Matt Crouch and George McCoy; you two taught me the fundamentals that school couldn’t, and for that I am very grateful. Next, the two Java guys who taught me to really appreciate object-relational mapping, Michael Kinnaird and Umesh Manocha, thank you for opening my eyes. Finally, the people who taught me to think about software architecture, in particular Paul Logston and Charles Hurley, thank you for influencing the way I think about software. The last group of people who made this book possible is my family. First, I need to thank my parents and sisters for always supporting me over the years. Last but definitely not least is my wonderful wife, Alia, without whom this book would not have been possible. Thank you for putting up with me during this process and helping to keep me sane.

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