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Скачать Professional Visual Studio 2005 by Andrew Parsons бесплатно

Professional Visual Studio 2005 by Andrew Parsons (Author), Nick Randolph (Author)
Publisher: Wrox (August 28, 2006) | ISBN: 0764598465 | PDF | 14,38 Mb | 912 pages

Visual Studio 2005 is an enormous product. Incorporating the latest advances in both Visual Basic® and C# as well as improvements and new features in the user interface, it can be daunting without the kind of guidance this book provides.

In these pages you'll learn to harness every feature of this remarkable development tool. The opening section will familiarize you with the IDE structure and layout, various options and settings, and other core aspects of Visual Studio 2005. Then you will examine each of the nine major categories composing the functions of Visual Studio 2005. Every chapter is cross-referenced, so you can achieve a complete understanding of each feature and how all the elements work together to produce an effective programming environment.

What you will learn from this book

How to edit Application Configuration and XML resource files
Automated XML documentation and how to use Outline modes to review your code
The process for implementing good security
How to use IntelliSense, regionalize your code, and tag sections of your program for later processing
Effective ways to test and debug both code and databases
Timesavers that use regular expressions, Registry hacks, third-party add-ons, and Microsoft® extensions


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