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Скачать Visual C# .NET Programming бесплатно

Visual C# .NET Programming
Sybex Inc; 1st edition | ISBN: 0782140467 | 512 pages | August 9, 2002 | PDF

C# is the hot new language from Microsoft, designed specifically for the new .NET platform for application development. Visual C# .NET Programming provides a comprehensive introduction to the principals of C# programming but has a different emphasis from many other books. Because the language is so well-suited to the creation of Web Services, author Harold Davis emphasizes this application throughout the book. In the beginning of the book, you create a simple Web Service; by the end, you will be able to create a much more complex Web Service. You also learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming with C#, creating user interfaces for Windows applications, working with files and directories, and working with XML and ADO.NET. Davis has an established reputation as a teacher of introductory programming concepts. This book is the perfect companion to his Visual Basic .NET Programming.

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