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Скачать C++ for Dummies 5th Edition + CD ROM бесплатно

C++ for Dummies 5th Edition + CD ROM
For Dummies | 2004 | ISBN: 0764568523 | Pages: 432 | PDF + CD.ISO | 2.5 + 103 MB

Create your first C++ program before you finish Chapter 1!

The fun and easy way® to start programming with this popular, object-oriented language

This friendly guide is now updated to cover the latest ANSI C++ standard. Even if you’re a programming newbie, you’ll be building and debugging C++ programs, creating source code, developing C++ pointers, making programming easier with the exciting new Standard Template Library, and more -- all before you know it.

All this on the bonus CD-ROM

* Dev-C++, a full-featured, integrated C++ compiler and editor
* Source code from the book
* Documentation for the Standard Template Library

Discover how to:

* Understand class and object-oriented programming
* Use the Visual C++® help system
* Automate programming with STL
* Build an executable
* Create arrays and strings
* Install and use Dev-C++

* This revision of the bestseller covers the popular object-oriented programming language C++ from the ground up, enabling beginners to become functional programmers and intermediate programmers to fine-tune their skills
* Thirty percent new material includes updates on the most recent ANSI standard, the new public domain C++ compiler, standards information on namespaces, new library functions, and complete coverage of the standard template library
* Covers topics like building and debugging C++ programs, creating source code, using the Visual C++ help system, building objects, learning the standard template library, and much more
* The CD-ROM contains all the code from the book, in addition to an updated GNU-C++ and a new C++ compiler

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