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Скачать Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Step by Step бесплатно

John Sharp, "Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Step by Step"
Publisher: Microsoft Press | 2007-12-29 | 645 Pages | ISBN: 0735624305 | PDF | 12.87 MB

Get the hands-on, step-by-step guide to learning the latest enhancements in Microsoft Visual C# 2008. Visual C#, one of the tools in Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008, is a modern programming language designed to deliver a productive environment for creating business frameworks and reusable object-oriented components. Whether you re a beginning programmer or new to the Visual C# programming language, you ll learn how to use the fundamental features of Visual Studio 2008 and gain a basic understanding of the latest enhancement of the Visual C# language. You ll work at your own pace through hands-on, learn-by-doing exercises, get started creating components and working Windows® applications, and build your knowledge as you start creating your first Visual C# based applications. You ll also explore how to create data management and Web-based applications. In each chapter, work through learn-by-doing exercises that demonstrate how, when, and why to use the many features of the Visual C# rapid application development environment. Includes a companion CD with code samples, data sets, and a fully searchable eBook.

Features easy-to-follow, logically planned lessons to help you learn at your own pace

Helps you gain a solid understanding of how to use the fundamental features of Visual C# 2008

Includes a companion CD with code samples, data sets, and a fully searchable eBook

About the Author
John Sharp is the author of three previous versions of this book, plus several other titles from Microsoft Press, including Windows Communication Foundation Step by Step. John is a principal technologist for Content Master Ltd., where he develops and delivers guidance on C#, J#, and Microsoft ASP.NET for a number of international customers.

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