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Скачать 1001 Microsoft Visual C++ Programming Tips бесплатно

1001 Microsoft Visual C++ Programming Tips
Publisher: Prima Tech | ISBN: 0761527613 | edition 2002 | DJVU | 1424 pages | 7,2 mb

Visual C++ is a programming environment used to develop and compile programs or perform specific tasks, such as drawing an object onscreen. C++ is one of the staples of any programmer’s knowledge base. For this reason, owning 1001 Visual C++ Programming Tips, which covers everything from programming basics to variables, functions, and object-oriented programming, is a must! This book covers all aspects of Visual C++ programming, including the Microsoft Foundation Class Library and threads. The 1001 tips in the book present such comprehensive information in easy-to-digest pieces, that this is the definitive reference on Visual C++. You can read the book from cover to cover or simply locate the tips that address your needs at the moment. No matter how you read this book, you’ll receive unique expert advice about Visual C++!

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