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Скачать Visual Basic .Net Developer's Handbook бесплатно

Visual Basic .Net Developer's Handbook
Publisher: Sybex Inc.,U.S. | ISBN: 0782128793 | edition 2003 | PDF | 896 pages | 4,7 mb

Visual C# .NET Developer's Handbook offers advanced, practical, and comprehensive coverage of major development issues for the hottest new programming language. Well-known programming author John Mueller starts out with expert advice for building complex desktop applications and moves on to major enterprise topics, such as working with Acive Directory and building Web applications with ASP.NET, XML, and SOAP. Readers also get coverage of data access with ADO.NET, .NET security issues, and deploying applications to wireless and PDA devices.The book is not just for experienced C++ programmers. It has great appeal for the large installed base of experienced Visual Basic developers. Many VB programmers will want to integrate C# code into their applications and this book gives them the tools to do so. The companion CD-ROM comes with all the code from the book, making it easy for programmers to experiment with and adapt it for their own applications.

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