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Скачать .NET Development Security Solutions бесплатно

.NET Development Security Solutions
Publisher: Sybex | ISBN: 0782142664 | edition 2003 | CHM | 471 pages | 18,8 mb

Security is completely different in the .NET framework than it was in older versions of Visual Studio. This Official DevX title from Sybex, leads you through those differences, helps you understand the new rules for .NET security, and helps you fix problems created by holes in the .NET security by using Visual Basic.NET and Visual C#.NET. Perfect for intermediate and advanced .NET application developers who already know Visual Basic.NET or Visual C# .NET, .NET Development Security Solutions emphasizes code over theory and offers real practical solutions to vexing problems. Expert author John Mueller covers the gamut of security-related issues for desktop, server, Web, and wireless environments. More specifically, he focuses on: Avoiding common errors and traps; .NET rule-based security techniques; Validation and verification issues; .NET cryptographic techniques; Web server security; Securing XML and Web pages; Wireless device security.

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