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Скачать Data Abstraction and Structures Using C++ бесплатно

Mark R. Headington, "Data Abstraction and Structures Using C++"
Jones & Bartlett Publishers | 1996-08-26 | ISBN: 0763702951 | 194 pages | PDF | 36 MB

Data Abstraction and Structures Using C++ is the ideal text for introducing computer science students to C++. A powerful alternative for second courses in computer science, the text is thoroughly rooted in the concepts of data abstraction and object-oriented software development that have transformed the subject of data structures. The text introduces the abstract properties of important data types in Part I and discusses their implementation later in Part II. This separation of concepts helps students understand the difference between the properties of a data structure and it's implementation, so that they can develop the alternative data representations best suited to specific programming problems. Data Abstraction and Structures Using C++ is intended for use after a first course in programming with a high-level language, but does not require specific knowledge of C++ itself. Instead, the text helps students make the transition from Pascal or C to C++ through clear explanations and specific information included in the appendices. The authors' disciplined, careful presentation is designed to steer students clear of the pitfalls that sometimes accompany the use of this powerful and increasingly popular language.

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