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Скачать Parallel and Distributed Programming Using C++ by Cameron Hughes бесплатно

Parallel and Distributed Programming Using C++ by Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes, Tracy Hughes
Addison-Wesley Professional | 1st edition (August 29, 2003) | ISBN-10: 0131013769 | CHM | 600 pages | 2 Mb

I think that the book is quite good. However, do not look architecture level concepts, neither mathematics, neither an explanation of distributed and parallel concepts (well, there is something...). The title shoudl be something like "C++ tools for distributed and parallel programming"

However, this is the only book I know that introduces the biggest amount of tools in other to implement distributed applications in C++ (in case you do not want to start from sctach). Of course, there are missing thinks like web services, sockets, peer2peer middlewares, etc. However, the explained packages are the most used in the market.


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