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Скачать A Computer Science Tapestry: Exploring Computer Science with C++, 2nd Edition бесплатно

Rachel Fulton, "A Computer Science Tapestry: Exploring Computer Science with C++"
McGraw Hill Higher Education | January 1, 2001 | ISBN: 0071217193 | 820 pages | PDF | 3,5 MB

This book covers basic concepts in programming, program design and computer science along with giving students a good introduction to the C++ language.
In the new edition, Astrachan has put more emphasis on object-oriented programming by introducing a graphics library and including a new chapter on object-oriented techniques. He has also added new case studies and "design tips."


# String and vector classes are used rather than C-style strings and arrays.
# This emphasizes the C++ programming language and is consistent with the proposed ANSI standard.
# This text features exercises following each section, as well as Case Studies/Design Projects at the end of every chapter.
# This reinforces concepts and helps students begin to apply what they are learning.
# More than 130 complete, commented programs are included within this book.
# These programs allow students to begin using their computers to apply concepts.
# This text features an appendix which concisely covers basic rules of C++.
# This is a good reference source for students to turn to when they need assistance implementing C++ code.
# Students learn to read, modify and enhance programs before writing them from scratch.
# This allows students to begin understanding how programs work right from the start and eases them into writing programs from scratch.
# Presents standard, procedural ways of programming and object-oriented in parallel.

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