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Скачать Charles Calvert, John Phillips, Charlie Carvert, "Charlie Calvert's C++ Builder 3 Unleashed" бесплатно

Charlie Calvert's C++ Builder 3 Unleashed
Publisher: Sams Publishing | 1998 | ISBN: 0672312654 | Pages: 1182 | PDF | 14.2 MB

The Unleashed: Professional Reference series provides in-depth coverage of Borland C++Builder 3 for experienced computer professionals. It takes you beyond the average discussions of the technology, giving you practical advice from a best-selling author and the most thorough coverage of topics that you can count on.In addition, use the powerful software on the accompanying CD-ROM: Skyline Tools' ImageLib Corporate Suite for C++Builder, Demo of NuMega Technologies, Inc.'s BoundsChecker Professional Edition, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, and Sprint/Earthlink software.


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