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Скачать John Miano, Thomas Cabanski, Harold Howe, "Borland C++ Builder: the Definitive C++ Builder Problem Solver" бесплатно

Borland C++ Builder: the Definitive C++ Builder Problem Solver
Publisher: Waite Group Press | 1997 | ISBN: 157169109X | Pages: 882 | PDF | 3.7 MB

Provides instruction on how to use C++ Builder and solve a variety of real life scripting problems along with warnings, enhancements, alternative solutions as well as actual code. Paper. DLC: C++ (Computer program language) CD-ROM Included.

From the Publisher:
Borland C++ Builder is Borland's new object-oriented development tool that combines the power and control of the C++ programming language with the rapid application development productivity of Delphi. Using the award-winning question-and-answer format of the How-To series, this must-have guide provides programmers with everything they need to use this powerful tool to write professional programs and solve complex problems quickly. - Includes custom components programmers can use in their C++ Builder applications

- Filled with over 100 real-world programming solutions

- Extensive coverage of multimedia, graphics, databases, and OLE


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