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Скачать Using Visual C++ 6 бесплатно

Using Visual C++ 6
850 pages | Que; 1st edition (July 1998) | ISBN-10: 0789716356 | PDF | 13 Mb

Using Visual C++ takes a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to teaching C++. The book is broken into a number of sections. The first part creates a foundation for the reader. The use of Developer Studio as well as Wizards, editors, and debuggers is covered. The book progress into the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). MFC is the libraries of pre-build classes that Microsoft provides to make Visual C++ programming much easier. By understanding how to use the classes within MFC, the reader will be able to create nearly any type of program. Unlike many books, Using Visual C++ does not try to be a compendium of all the questions any person may ever have, rather, the book focuses on teaching the reader to use Visual C++ and on providing quick and easy access to answers and information on Visual C++ basics.

Based on market research by Market Decisions Corp., Visual C++ is being used by 73% of the professional developers using C++

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