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Скачать C++ by Example бесплатно

Steve Donovan “C++ by Example"
Que | 2001-12-05 | ISBN: 0789726769 | 408 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

C++ by Example includes 'UnderC,' an open-source language interpreter developed by the author, which shows the result of each new programming technique instantly, allowing novices to experiment in a more dynamic learning environment. The book starts with the fundamentals of the language, including expressions, variables, functions, and definitions and then covers the most common C++ features including
Organizing data with Arrays Standard Algorithms and Containers Using Libraries within C++ programs Going beyond Arrays with Structures Using Pointers Manipulating data using Operators The second half of the book covers OOP, including Classes, Inheritance, Encapsulation, and more. The final chapters include useful command and library references and appendices covering the preprocessor and freeware C++ compilers. Summary: very disappointingRating: 1I got this book because awhile ago I read and loved C By Example. This book taught me that just because it's a similar title and by the same publisher well don't count on it being anywhere the same :/ He uses confusing math examples when instead he should be using simple examples that have nothing to do with a math formula but to teach the C++ syntax. Stay away from this book there are much better C++ books out there! Summary: Good Book for SomeRating: 4I think this book is great for those with a good amount of computer or networking experience, but have limited programming skills. The author wastes no time with his explanations, so those who are not comfortable with computer topics might find the book intimidating. For me though, the book is great. It is very dense with information and the author jumps right into the meat of the subject. His explanations are clear and concise. The strength of this is that he doesn't waste words, the weakness is that the reader has to pay close attention to exactly what the author is saying. Overall, a very good book, if one is already familiar with IT. Summary: A sloppy mish-mash!Rating: 1As an addendum to my earlier review: Give the devil his due! There IS an internet address, at the end of the introduction.In this introduction we are told that what we should type is shown BOLD...Example: page 87, for main with arguments, args One Two and Three are NOT bold.More mixings of the UNDERC prompts(>;) with NO prompts! But the book is jammed with all kinds of good stuff..to advanced for a beginner!The implementation of the GNU and BORLAND compilers is not for a beginner...I bought the book mainly for the "free" CD. You gets what you pays for!With better (at least some!) editing...and rewriting and less ambition, this book could be a winner! Summary: Sloppy!Rating: 1I'm only in the 1st chapter. Not for a beginner! Author mixes up UnderC and "ordinary c" prompts! Does not define new terms, such as String&. Does not give an update-errata web site.UnderC is a good idea,, but one does not know where he is in a program, cannot go back and make corrections.Pretty much a waste of time...perhaps later chapters will be better. Summary: not worth itRating: 1if you are a beginner, and this book claims to be aimed at beginners, steer clear. The examples are poorly worked and poorly explained

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