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Скачать The Game Programmers Guide to Torque бесплатно

The Game Programmers Guide to Torque
AK Peters Publishing | ISBN: 1568812841 | 2006-12 | PDF | 600 pages | 42 Mb

IF you want to create your own game this is what you looking for, use this book it will simply teaching you how to create your own game

"The Game Programmer's Guide to Torque" takes readers on an in-depth walkthrough of the Torque Game Engine - one of the most popular, powerful, and easy to use game engines available today. With clear explanations of how to use Torque to create your own games and detailed discussions of the engine's inner workings, this book is a must read for any programmer interested in making games for fun or profit. It offers step-by-step examples, detailed system descriptions, in-depth references, practical tips, tricks, and more, that will provide readers all they need to understand the Torque Game Engine.

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