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Скачать Unlocking Microsoft C# v2.0 Programming Secrets бесплатно

Richard Braden, Unlocking Microsoft C# v2.0 Programming Secrets
Wordware Publishing | 2008 | ISBN: 1556220979 | 375 pages | CHM | 2,99 MB

This text is a handbook of instructions written for the programmer or analyst that shows how to insert common algorithmic functions in C# into one's source code. The code is listed on a companion CD for easy transfer to one's current C# program. The first 12 chapters discuss specifics of the Visual C# compiler: the integrated developer environment (IDE); moving projects from one location to another; passing information between windows; Visual C# code placement; classes, constructors, overloading, and helps; data types and declarations; conversions between data types; string manipulation and on-line data storage; branching and looping; and arithmetic.


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