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Скачать Introduction to Windows And Graphics Programming With Visual C++ .net бесплатно

Roger Mayne “Introduction to Windows And Graphics Programming With Visual C++ .net"
World Scientific Publishing Company | 2005-08-29 | ISBN: 9812564551 | 400 pages | PDF | 29,3 Mb

This book provides an accessible approach to the study of Windows® programming with Visual C++®. It is intended to be an introduction to Visual C++® for technical people including practicing engineers, engineering students, and others who would like to understand Windows® programming and use its inherent graphic capabilities. While the book is aimed at a technical audience, the mathematical content is modest and it should be readable by most people interested in C++ programming. Readers of this book will be introduced to Windows® programming in perhaps the most natural way, by using the Visual C++® object-oriented environment and the tools of the Microsoft® Foundation Classes (MFC).

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