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Скачать Excel add-in development in C/C++ : Applications in finance бесплатно

Steve Dalton, "Excel add-in development in C/C++ : Applications in finance"
Wiley Publishing, Inc. | 425 pages | PDF | Mar 12 2005 | ISBN: 9780470024690 | 2Mb

Excel is the industry standard for financial modelling providing a number of ways for users to extend the functionality of their own add-ins including VB. C/C++. Excel Add-in Development in C/C++ - Applications for Finance is a how-to guide and reference book for the creation of high performance add-ins for Excel in C and C++ for users in the finance industry. Author Steve Dalton explains how to apply Excel add-ins to financial applications with many examples given throughout the book. It covers the relative strengths and weaknesses of developing add-ins for Excel in VB versus C/C++. "This book is for anyone who wants to do any application development in Excel. Even for an old hand at Excel development such as myself a brief skim through reveals valuable nuggets of information. Delving deeper into the text richer veins are easily found. This book is destined to become an essential reference on Excel development." Dr. Les Clewlow Principal Lacima Group Ltd. "Programming Excel add-ins using the C API can be complex and difficult. Steve has done a masterful job of demystifying the process. After reading this book youll be creating XLLs for all purposes with complete confidence. Highly recommended." Rob Bovey MCSE MCSD Excel MVP President Application Professionals.


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