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Скачать Thinking in C++ By Bruce Eckel бесплатно

Bruce Eckel, "Thinking in C++"
816 pages | Prentice Hall Ptr | English | ISBN: 0139177094 | PDF | 3.01 MB

Despite C++'s syntactic similarities to C, the two languages are fundamentally different in nature--a fact that can complicate the task of learning C++ if you already know C. Thinking in C++ explains C++ to C programmers not just from the perspective of writing code, but from the perspective of software engineering and design--how do you conceptualize programs that exploit C++'s capabilities? With readable prose, Bruce Eckel offers a compelling explanation of what object-oriented languages in general and C++ in particular have to offer and teaches you how to apply it. The book covers not only introductory topics but advanced ones such as multiple inheritance and templates.


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