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Скачать The Waite Group's C++ How-To бесплатно

The Waite Group's C++ How-To
By Jan Walter, Michael J. Tobler, Paul Snaith, Andrei Kossoroukov, Scott Roberts

Publisher: Sams | ISBN: 1571691596 | 582 pages | PDF | 2.2 Mb

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C++ How-To presents a rich diversity of examples and techniques for pushing C++ to its limits and beyond. Readers locate information by task or function and then walk through a series of How-Tos to find the solution. No current C++ refere -The all-new definitive C++ problem-solving resource! Programmers can quickly and efficiently find specific solutions to real-world problems in the C++ How-To -The quick, problem-answer design provides C++ programmers with all the tools they need to solve complex and everyday problems quickly -Because every concept and example is graded by complexity, readers can easily find practical information at their level, without having to wade through hundreds of pages of information they dont need.


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