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Скачать Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation бесплатно

Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation | Penny Orwick, Guy Smith
ISBN: 0735623740 | CHM | April 25, 2007 | 800 pages | 6.53 Mb

Master the features and capabilities of the new Windows Driver Foundation--with guidance straight from the experts. The new Windows Driver Foundation, based on the Windows Driver Kit, simplifies driver development with new models and tools familiar to developers who work with Microsoft Visual Studio®. This in-depth guide delivers authoritative guidance on these new models, straight from the teams at Microsoft who developed the Windows Driver Foundation and based on feedback from beta testers. You'll get advance insights, practical advice, and best practices for using the Windows Driver Foundation--helping you reach new levels of proficiency. Includes code samples in Microsoft Visual C++.


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