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Скачать SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled (Expert's Voice in SQL Server) бесплатно

Grant Fritchey, Sajal Dam, "SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled (Expert's Voice in SQL Server)"
Apress | 2009 | ISBN: 1430219025 | 600 pages | PDF | 8,75 MB

SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled presents a direct trouble–shooting methodology for identifying poorly performing stored procedures and queries, isolating the causes of that poor performance, and fixing the underlying problems. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the top causes of poorly performing queries and shows methods for identifying and dealing with the problems in that chapter’s domain. Emphasis is always put upon or placed upon practical methods that you can put to immediate use in your day–to–day work. SQL Server 2008 functionality, tips, and tricks are emphasized in each subject area.
Emphasizes the practical. Does not bury readers in theory.
Gives readers practical techniques to immediately apply in their daily work.
Dedicates a chapter to each of the most common, performance–related problem areas.

What you’ll learn
Identify and fix poorly performing queries that are hurting your business.
Read query execution plans and identify bottlenecks in performance.
Record system performance metrics for trend analysis.
Learn to design databases and write Transact–SQL code to avoid common problems.
Understand what an index is, what it does, and how to build one.
Use industry accepted best practices and understand how to develop your own to arrive at optimal database performance.

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