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Скачать Pro Access 2007 (repost) бесплатно

Martin WP Reid, "Pro Access 2007"
Apress | ISBN: 1590597729 | 2007 | 395 pages | PDF | 4,3 MB

Pro Access 2007 covers the new features of Microsoft Access 2007, including working with SharePoint Office Server and customizing Ribbons. The book is aimed at professional developers and power users who are new to Access 2007. Among other topics, youll learn about the new Access menu structure, including customization, as well as new SharePoint features.

This book provides good, short, solid information with as little waffle as possible. And the book includes solid examples that thoroughly explain new features. Author Martin Reid is also a working Access developer who is respected by his peers and knows what working developers face, especially at the time of a new release.
What you will learn
Creating custom menus using RibbonX
Get up and running building VBA Classes
Learn about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and how it fits into Access
Working with SQL Server and using the new Microsoft Access 2007 to SQL Server 2005 tools
Code examples provided to highlight real-world issues
Use Access and .NET to present information via the Internet
Who is this book for?

Now that many of you have Microsoft Access 2007 you can see what's new to the product and what it's built for. Pro Access 2007 is an essential tool which can help you get deeper into the workings of Access 2007.

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