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Скачать Development and Use of Outcome Studies: First Steps For The Practicing Clinician бесплатно

Development and Use of Outcome Studies: First Steps For The Practicing Clinician By Sandra L., Ph.D. Kaplan
Publisher: F. A. Davis Company 2007 | 250 Pages | ISBN: 080360310X | PDF | 1.7 MB

How effective is your practice? Today's practitioners need to know how to evaluate their practices objectively. In today's high-pressure reimbursement environment, clinicians must able to assess the cost effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of the services they provide. This groundbreaking text—the first to combine both the terminology and the process of using outcome data to improve service delivery—shows you how to do just that. And, it clarifies the relationship between outcome measurement and research.

- Provides step-by-step descriptions of how to set up a study using retrospective data from a clinician's own patient charts.
- Demystifies the process of converting narrative documentation to data that can be evaluated objectively
- Shifts the focus from the individual practitioner to a system of ongoing service delivery, a “big picture” discussion that includes quality assurances processes.
- Uses workbook-like exercises to help you apply core concepts.
- Offers margin notes with thoughtful tips, and helpful reminders.
- Features explanations developed for students by students and the author during outcome measurement courses to help you ‘connect-the-dots'.
- Includes helpful Appendices with a sample pilot study, sample study data, and guidelines for conducting a pilot study of documentation patterns

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