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Скачать Wcdma: Towards Ip Mobility and Mobile Internet бесплатно

Wcdma: Towards Ip Mobility and Mobile Internet

Wcdma: Towards Ip Mobility and Mobile Internet (Artech House Universal Personal Communications Series)
Artech House Publishers | February 2001 | ISBN: 1580531806 | 477 pages | PDF | 5 Mb

While covering the basics of wideband CDMA, the key UMTS technology, this major revision of the best-selling Wideband CDMA for Third Generation Mobile Communication Systems brings you up-to-date with all the latest developments in third generation mobile communications. New sections cover fundamental IP concepts, All-IP core networks, and the standardized radio access technologies WCDMA, EDGE and cdma2000, including their future developments - WCDMA HSPA and 1XEV.

This cutting-edge book gives you a complete understanding of the complex standardization environment of 3G networks and the design and development of 3G systems to help you achieve higher transfer speeds for video, mobile Internet and other applications. It describes how third generation system applications impact radio access system design and compares and contrasts major wideband CDMA standards: WCDMA, WCDMA TDD and cdma2000. Includes 190 illustrations and 75 equations that support major topics throughout the book.

About the Author
Tero Ojanper is the vice president, research, standardization, and technology in IP Mobility Networks at Nokia Networks. A member of the IEEE, he earned his M.Sc. in electrical engineering from the University of Oulu, Finland and his Ph.D. from the Deft University of Technology, Netherlands.

Ramjee Prasad is wireless information and multimedia chair and co-director of the Center for PersonKommunikation at Aalborg University, Denmark. He is the author of CDMA for Wireless Personal Communications (Artech House, 1996) and Universal Wireless Personal Communications (Artech House, 1998), co-author of OFDM for Wireless Multimedia Communications (Artech House, 2000) and co-editor of Third Generation Mobile Communication Systems (Artech House, 2000).

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