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Скачать Intelligent Databases: Technologies and Applications бесплатно

Zongmin Ma "Intelligent Databases: Technologies and Applications"
IGI Global | English | 2006-09-20 | ISBN: 1599041200 | 320 pages | PDF | 2,6 MB

With advances and in-depth applications of computer technologies, and the extensive applications of Web technology in various areas, databases have become the repositories of large volumes of data. It is very critical to manage data resources for effective problem solving and decision making. Collecting and presenting the latest research and development results from the leading researchers in the field of intelligent databases, Intelligent Databases: Technologies and Applications provides a single record of current research and practical applications in this field. Intelligent Databases: Technologies and Applications integrates data management in databases with intelligent data processing and analysis in artificial intelligence. This book challenges todays database technology and promotes its evolution.

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