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Скачать Oracle Procure-to-Pay Guide бесплатно

Oracle Procure-to-Pay Guide
Melanie Cameron | ISBN: 0071622276 | PDF | 305 pages | April 2009 | 6 MB

Drive better decision making and maximize asset usage with Oracle E-Business Suite's comprehensive end-to-end procurement solution. This Oracle Press guide details, step-by-step, how to streamline and optimize your enterprise acquisition cycle using Oracle Procure-to-Pay. Set up and configure each module, generate contracts and purchase orders (POs), perform automatic invoicing, process payments, and enforce fiscal policies. You will also learn how to use powerful new purchasing and payables features.

* Manage POs and strengthen policy compliance using Oracle Purchasing
* Track documents from the buyers work center and demand workbench
* Centralize requisition creation and approvals
* Create and use sourcing rules for supplier purchases
* Use Oracle Payables to process invoices and handle settlements
* Consolidate and disburse funds using Oracle Payments
* Understand key setups for Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Payables, and Oracle Payments



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