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Скачать Programming Microsoft InfoPath бесплатно

Programming Microsoft InfoPath

Thom Robbins, «Programming Microsoft InfoPath»
Charles River | ISBN: 1584503122 | 2004 | CHM | 320 pages | 25.92 MB

Programming Microsoft InfoPath: A Developer’s Guide takes a practical and code-oriented approach to provide the essential skill set and examples that are needed to develop and implement applications with InfoPath. Starting with an introduction to the InfoPath IDE, and an explanation of how XML is used within the InfoPath environment, the developer is led through the development of XML schemas, and taught how they can be leveraged within an InfoPath solution. Developers will then learn how to generate Web Service and SQL forms, as well as how to integrate solutions seamlessly into the human workflow. Finally, the book shows users how to create mobile, secure solutions, and offers deployment strategies. This is an essential reference for any developer interested in creating distributed applications that use InfoPath.




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