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Скачать Oracle 10g RAC Grid, Services & Clustering (Repost) бесплатно

Oracle 10g RAC Grid, Services & Clustering

Murali Vallath, «Oracle 10g RAC Grid, Services & Clustering»
Digital Press | ISBN: 1555583210 | 2006 | PDF | 704 pages | 15.44 MB

Oracle RAC and grid technology is transforming the economics of high-end database computing and is a technology that all Oracle professionals should become familiar with. Murali is one of the worlds foremost independent experts on Oracle RAC technology and his book contains everything you need to become proficient in both the theory and practice of Real Application Clusters. If you are planning a RAC implementation, looking to optimize an existing RAC implementation or simply want to become more familiar with this important technology, you should read this book. - Guy Harrison: Chief Architect Database Solutions, Quest Software




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