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Скачать Two Minute SQL Server Stumpers Vol. 5 бесплатно

Two Minute SQL Server StumpersVol. 5
Red gate books | 2009 | ISBN: na | 207 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Whether you're practicing for an exam or interview or just wanting to see who's got the biggest SQL Server brain in your office, this book is perfect.

Containing 100 SQL Server Central Questions of the Day, this book is a great way to test yourself or increase your knowledge.

If you spend enough time in SQL Server to answer the questions in this book then you'd benefit from the SQL Toolbelt.

The SQL Toolbelt allows developers and DBAs to gain access to all the SQL Sever tools we currently produce. This means that when you are working with SQL Server databases, you can have the most powerful set of tools immediately to hand.


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