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Скачать DB2(R) Version 8: The Official Guide бесплатно

DB2(R) Version 8: The Official Guide
Publisher: IBM Press | ISBN: 0131401580 | edition 2003 | CHM | 384 pages | 5,24 mb

DB2 Version 8 represents one of the most feature-packed and significant releases in DB2's history! This book is well organized into topics such as Performance Enhancements, Manageability Enhancements, SQL Enhancements, etc. Each section presents not only the new features in Version 8, but also gives technical details about the new features, gotchas, tips and tricks, and examples of how to use them - this kind of insider information is not currently available on the market today!
IBM DB2 Universal Database v8.1.2 will help you access any information, from any application, from anywhere in your organization, anytime—and do it all more easily and cost-effectively than you ever thought possible.
Now, in DB2 Version 8: The Official Guide, a team of IBM DB2 experts shows experienced DB2 professionals exactly how to make the most of DB2 Version 8 in any environment—Linux®, UNIX®, or Windows®.
The authors draw on extensive personal experience helping customers implement state-of-the-art DB2 solutions, and unparalleled access to the IBM DB2 development team. They offer detailed, never-before-published technical guidance for the key challenges you'll face in delivering high-performance DB2 databases, e-business infrastructure, and enterprise integration solutions. Coverage includes:
* Simplifying management with the Configuration Advisor, HealthCenter(, and Memory Visualizer
* Integrating the enterprise via Federated Web Services and the DB2 enhanced XML productivity tools
* Maximizing database scalability, availability, and robustness
* Using multidimensional data clustering and other integrated business intelligence tools
* Integrating with IBM WebSphere and Microsoft software development tools
* Leveraging key improvements in DB2 SQL functionality






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