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Скачать Transforming Infoglut! A Pragmatic Strategy for Oracle Enterprise Content Management бесплатно

Andy MacMillan, Brian Huff, "Transforming Infoglut! A Pragmatic Strategy for Oracle Enterprise Content Management"
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media 2008 | ISBN-10: 0071602364 | 253 Pages | PDF | 2,7 MB

Control Intellectual Property, and Avoid Information Overload

Glean actionable business information from your "digital landfill" by deploying a flexible, cost-effective content management framework across your entire organization. Transforming Infoglut!: A Pragmatic Strategy for Oracle Enterprise Content Management details, step-by-step, how to rein in the current data explosion and gain the competitive edge. Get tips for building an enterprise content management (ECM) team, centralizing storage, finding and managing information, incorporating legacy systems, and handling unstructured content. You'll also learn how to secure your system, optimize performance, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Design and manage a dynamic Oracle ECM infrastructure
Consolidate corporate data using Oracle Universal Content Management
Implement a flexible, scalable, and extensible middleware layer
Centralize storage with Oracle Universal Records Management Suite
Encrypt and secure data enterprise-wide using Oracle Information Rights Management
Integrate Oracle WebCenter Services and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search
Enhance structured enterprise applications with unstructured content
Extend ECM functionality using cutting-edge Enterprise 2.0 tools

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