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Скачать Perl Database Programming бесплатно

Perl Database Programming

Brent Michalski, «Perl Database Programming»
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN: 0764549561 | 2002 | PDF | 572 pages | 7.88 MB

Here’s your in-depth guide to creating database-driven applications using Perl. In this authoritative reference, Perl expert Brent Michalski uses plenty of examples to help you master Perl’s capabilities in database applications with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. Along the way, he explores practical applications for cutting-edge technologies like XML and Web services. If you’re a Perl novice, the comprehensive code samples and step-by-step explanations will have you writing database applications quickly and confidently. If you’re experienced, this definitive guidebook has everything you need to move ahead with Web programming, problem tracking, automatic e-mail reports, and much more.





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