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Скачать Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration: From Novice to Professional (Beginning from Novice to Professional) бесплатно

Iggy Fernandez, "Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration: From Novice to Professional (Beginning from Novice to Professional)"
Apress | 2009-02-20 | ISBN: 1590599683 | 464 pages | PDF | 5,2 MB

Open the door to a career as an Oracle database administrator as you learn to plan for and install the Oracle Database software. Then learn the rudiments of database administration from longtime Oracle expert Iggy Fernandez. Take advantage of the high demand for Oracle expertise and use Beginning Oracle Database 11g Administration to launch you on the right track to Oracle DBA career success.

* Gets you started in all key areas of database administration
* Provides a sound foundation on which to build your career
* Written in a clear, to–the–point style by Oracle expert and popular speaker Iggy Fernandez

What you’ll learn

* Install the Oracle Database software and create databases.
* Plan for proper server sizing, file placement, and schema design.
* Protect your data through a sound backup and recovery scheme.
* Investigate and solve performance problems.
* Monitor to detect impending problems before your users do.
* Make changes and perform other maintenance as your database grows.

Who is this book for?

Are you an aspiring database professional who wants to manage databases built with one of the world’s most widely used database management systems? Are you a developer who wants to use the free version of Oracle Database for a project? Have you suddenly been thrust into a database administration role as part of your job? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, this book can help you out. It was written with you in mind.

Enjoy this great book! Brought to you by SMIRK



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