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Скачать Accelerated SQL Server 2008 бесплатно

Rob Walters, Michael Coles, Fabio Claudio Ferracchiati, Robert Rae, Donald Farmer , "Accelerated SQL Server 2008"
Apress | 2008-05-23 | ISBN: 1590599691 | 816 pages | PDF | 10,7 MB

The expert tuition and approach to rapid learning in Accelerated SQL Server 2008, one of the first SQL Server 2008 books available, will enable SQL Server and other database professionals to make the leap to the latest release of Microsoft’s flagship database management system quickly. Take full advantage of the new features of SQL Server 2008, know what tools are available, and quickly realize the power and ease of use that SQL Server 2008 has to offer.
Lightning–quick introduction to SQL Server 2008
Written by top experts in the field
Provides a solid grounding in key features and technologies
What you’ll learn
Manage SQL Server installations through the brand–new Declarative Management Framework.
Protect yourself from downtime with high–availability features such as failover clustering.
Speed your applications by taking advantage of new performance–enhancement features in SQL Server 2008.
Find what you need using full–text search.
Store, retrieve, and manage XML in the database.
Derive competitive advantage from business intelligence tools such as Analysis Services and Reporting Services.

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