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Скачать Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Step by Step бесплатно

Mike Hotek, “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Step by Step”
Microsoft Press | 2008 | ISBN: 0735626049 | 800 pages | CHM | 10,2 MB

Teach yourself how to design and create SQL Server 2008 databases one step at a time. Work at your own pace through the book s practical, skill-building lessons and the hands-on practice files on CD. You ll begin by learning to install and configure SQL Server 2008, design a model database, and work with tables and indexes. Next, you ll learn techniques to manipulate, maintain, and retrieve data. Finally, you ll learn more-advanced techniques, such as using views, functions, and triggers. As you complete each lesson, you can hone your skills using the practice exercises on the companion CD. Plus, you can review and download code samples illustrating the author s own, professional techniques direct from the companion Web site.

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