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Скачать Expert Oracle Database 11g Administration бесплатно

Sam R. Alapati, "Expert Oracle Database 11g Administration"
Apress | 2008-11-10 | ISBN: 143021015X | 1400 pages | PDF | 8,5 MB

Sam Alapati’s Expert Oracle Database 11g Administration is a comprehensive handbook for Oracle database administrators (DBAs) using the latest release of the Oracle Database (Oracle Database 11g). All key aspects of database administration are covered, including backup and recovery, day–to–day administration and monitoring, performance tuning, and more. This is the one book to have on your desk as a continual reference. Refer to it frequently. It’ll help you get the job done.
Comprehensive handbook for Oracle DBAs. Covers all major aspects of database administration.
Tests and explains in detail key DBA commands.
Offers primers on Linux/Unix, data modeling, SQL, and PL/SQL.
What you’ll learn
Prepare an environment for Oracle. Configure the system. Install the software. Create a database.
Monitor your database environment day–to–day with confidence that you will detect and resolve problems before they become emergencies.
Get the most out of Oracle Database 11g by taking full advantage of its management features and cutting–edge technologies.
Back up your database and be able to recover it if needed.
Secure your database, in terms of both regulatory compliance and user management.
Troubleshoot and resolve connectivity, network, and performance problems.
And more!
Who is this book for?
Expert Oracle Database 11g Administration is written for Oracle database administrators who want a comprehensive reference to refer to during their day–to–day work. It’s clearly written in a way that is accessible to both intermediate and beginning administrators. Readers can easily and quickly find the content they need.

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