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Скачать Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services бесплатно

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services
Sams; 1 edition (December 25, 2006) | ISBN: 0672327821 | 864 pages | PDF | 12.1 Mb

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides fast access to data by means of multidimensional data structures and the multidimensional query languag MDX. Analysis Services provides the capability to design, create, and manage multidimensional cubes based on data warehouse tables, and it serves as the foundation for the Microsoft Business Intelligence strategy.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services gives the reader insight into the way Analysis Services functions. It not only explains ways to design and create multidimensional objects, databases, dimensions, and cubes, but also provides invaluable information about the reasons behind design decisions made by the development team.

Here's what you will find inside:

* Understand the key concepts of multidimensional modeling
* Explore the multidimensional object model and its definition language
* Learn the main concepts of the MDX language and gain an in-depth understanding of advanced MDX concepts
* Understand the mechanisms of integrating multidimensional and relational databases
* Learn how to build client applications to access data in Analysis Services
* Examine server architecture, including main data structures, data processing, and query resolution algorithms
* Gain a deep understanding of the internal and external protocols for data transfer, including the XML/A protocol
* Explore how Analysis Services manages memory
* Explore the security model, including role-based security, code-access security, and data security
* Discover how to monitor and manage Analysis Services



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