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Скачать Using Microsoft Access 2000 (Using) бесплатно

Using Microsoft Access 2000 (Using)
800 pages | Que; 1 edition (May 1999) | ISBN-10: 0789716046 | zip`d html | 17 Mb

Designed to make using your computer application easier and more efficient. A reference and tutorial to Access 2000, both for newcomers and those familiar with the program. Softcover.

Using Microsoft Access 2000 leads you through a quick series of chapters to get you up and running with Access and its new interface quickly, avoiding intimidation with a complex product and providing quick satisfaction. Then you'll review more in-depth concepts, such as table relationships, datatypes, data entry techniques, and data access pages in real-world examples and tasks. Finish by learning complex database design strategies, interacting with a server, publishing to Web, and programming for customized applications.

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