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Скачать Oracle SQL*Plus Pocket Reference (2nd Edition) бесплатно

Jonathan Gennick “Oracle SQL*Plus Pocket Reference (2nd Edition)"
O'Reilly | 2002-10-03 | ISBN: 0596004419 | 120 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

SQL*Plus is available at every Oracle site--from the largest data warehouse to the smallest single-user system--and it's a critical tool for virtually every Oracle user. Despite its wide use, few developers and DBAs know how powerful a tool SQL*Plus can be.
This pocket reference provides quick reference information that will help you use SQL*Plus, Oracle's interactive query tool. It summarizes all of the SQL*Plus syntax, including the syntax for the Oracle9i release. This book boils down the most vital information from Gennick's best-selling book, "Oracle SQL8Plus: The Definitive Guide", into an accessible summary and works as a vital companion to the larger book. It concisely describes interacting with SQL*Plus, selecting data, formatting reports with SQL*Plus, and tuning SQL queries. It also contains quick references to the SQL*Plus commands and format elements.
The new 2nd edition of our Oracle SQL*Plus Pocket Reference includes many new features for Oracle9i (e.g., COALESCE function, searched CASE expressions, new table join syntax, partition operations, MERGE statement, and syntax changes in existing SQL*Plus statements such as ACCEPT, DESRIBE, HELP, and SET) It also adds sections on basic SQL (a much-requested feature): INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, SELECT, and transaction management. The pocket reference size is especially appropriate for this particular subject, since Oracle SQL*Plus is used on every possible platform, it's particularly convenient to be able to carry a small book around from office computer to home computer to laptop.

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