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Скачать Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery бесплатно

James Luetkehoelter “Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery"
Apress | 2008-03-24 | ISBN: 1590599675 | 368 pages | PDF | 3,5 Mb

The process of disaster recovery involves mitigating the likelihood of a disaster and returning the system to a normal state. This book shows you how to implement an effective disaster recovery strategy for SQL Server 2005 databases. With the arrival of SQL Server 2005, you have access to enhanced existing features and powerful new tools, like database snapshots and mirroring, for data backup and disaster recovery. The book also covers fundamental changes to disaster recovery capabilities, and common issues to expect when using new features.
The book examines the technical details of disaster recovery features, and then applies that information to practical scenarios. As businesses become increasingly reliant on the information they store in their various databases, effective data protection becomes ever more critical. Potential disasters can arise from natural causes, user errors, and media or hardware failure. This book will help you ensure that day–to–day activities can continue, regardless of the problem.


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