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Скачать Administrator's Guide to SQL Server 2005 (Microsoft Windows Server System Series) бесплатно

Administrator's Guide to SQL Server 2005 (Microsoft Windows Server System Series)
Addison-Wesley Professional; 1 edition | ISBN:0321397975 | 648 pages | June 18, 2006 | CHM | 28 Mb

The Complete, Practical, 100% Useful Guide for Every SQL Server 2005 DBA! This book has one goal: to help database administrators and their managers run SQL Server 2005 with maximum efficiency, reliability, and performance. Renowned SQL Server expert Buck Woody covers every facet of database administration, from installation and configuration through maintaining enterprise-class business intelligence environments. If you’re a new SQL Server administrator, Buck will help you master core tasks rapidly—and avoid costly mistakes that only show up when it’s too late. If you’re familiar with previous versions of SQL Server, he’ll get you up-to-speed fast on everything new that matters, from high availability improvements and Integration Services to the SQL Server Management Studio. Whatever your background, you’ll find best practices, real-world scenarios, and easy-to-use automation scripts—all grounded in Buck’s unsurpassed SQL Server knowledge.

* Timesaving tips, practical applications, and start-to-finish examples throughout
* Understand the key “decision points” at every stage of your SQL Server deployment
* Perform day-to-day maintenance more efficiently, from hotfixes to backup/recovery
* Automate maintenance tasks with the SQL Server Agent
* Establish and audit security on SQL Server 2005 and the underlying Windows Server platform
* Monitor and optimize SQL Server: baselining, profiling, index strategies, query refactoring, and more
* Maximize availability using replication, clustering, mirroring, and SQL Server’s new online indexing
* Leverage important new improvements in Integration Services and Reporting Services
* Use Analysis Services to support enterprise-class Business Intelligence deployments
* Even set up a simple configuration of SQL Server 2005 for free—legally!

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