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Скачать PostgreSQL 8 for Windows бесплатно

Richard Blum, "PostgreSQL 8 for Windows"
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | ISBN: 0071485627 | 1 edition (March 22, 2007) | PDF | 400 pages | 3 Mb

Get up-and-running on PostgreSQL quickly using this hands-on guide. Filled with real-world examples, PostgreSQL 8 for Windows offers you practical, step-by-step details on installing, configuring, and using PostgreSQL 8--the full-featured, open-source database management system--on Windows platforms. You'll learn to administer, secure, and tune your database and use SQL. You'll also discover how to interface Microsoft Access, Microsoft .NET, Visual C++, and Java with the PostgreSQL database.

* Install and configure PostgreSQL 8 on Windows
* Customize your system using the configuration files
* Work with the utilities
* Administer your database from the pgAdmin III graphical interface
* Use the psql command line program to manually execute SQL commands
* Take advantage of built-in functions or create your own stored procedures and triggers
* Implement tested security measures
* Maintain optimal database performance
* Access a PostgreSQL database from a Microsoft Access application and migrate Access databases to PostgreSQL
* Create .NET, Visual C++, and Java applications that interface with your PostgreSQL server


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