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Скачать Pro SQL Server 2005 Service Broker (Expert's Voice) бесплатно


Klaus Aschenbrenner "Pro SQL Server 2005 Service Broker (Expert's Voice)"
Apress (June 05, 2007) | ISBN 1590598423 | 453 Pages | PDF | 6.9 Mb

Pro SQL Server 2005 Service Broker, by Klaus Aschenbrenner, an international expert on Service Broker, explains why Microsoft introduced Service Broker and describes its big advantages over prior message technologies.

Rich with practical examples, this is the most complete and incisive book on this important new technology, an invaluable resource for all serious database and web developers. Focused on best practices, it explains in detail how Service Broker supports and enhances database and web applications. This book not only covers Service Broker fundamentals, but also addresses current crucial topics like SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) and SODA (Service-Oriented Data Architecture).

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