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Скачать Building The Data Warehouse 3rd Edition бесплатно

W. H. Inmon | "Building The Data Warehouse 3rd Edition"
Wiley | Apr 2002 | ISBN : 0471081302 | English | 432 pages | PDF | 1.7 MB

Updated and expanded to reflect the many technological advances occurring since the previous edition, this latest edition of the data warehousing "bible" provides a comprehensive introduction to building data marts, operational data stores, the Corporate Information Factory, exploration warehouses, and Web-enabled warehouses. Written by the father of the data warehouse concept, the book also reviews the unique requirements for supporting e-business and explores various ways in which the traditional data warehouse can be integrated with new technologies to provide enhanced customer service, sales, and support-both online and offline-including near-line data storage techniques.

This book is about the analytical [or the decision support systems (DSS)] environment and the structuring of data in that environment. The focus of the book is on what is termed the “data warehouse” (or “information warehouse”), which is at the heart of informational, DSS processing.

The discussions in this book are geared to the manager and the developer. Where appropriate, some level of discussion will be at the technical level. But, for the most part, the book is about issues and techniques. This book is meant to serve as a guideline for the designer and the developer.

Chapter 01 - Evolution of Decision Support Systems
Chapter 02 - The Data Warehouse Environment
Chapter 03 - The Data Warehouse and Design
Chapter 04 - Granularity in the Data Warehouse
Chapter 05 - The Data Warehouse and Technology
Chapter 06 - The Distributed Data Warehouse
Chapter 07 - Executive Information Systems and the Data Warehouse
Chapter 08 - External/Unstructured Data and the Data Warehouse
Chapter 09 - Migration to the Architected Environment
Chapter 10 - The Data Warehouse and the Web
Chapter 11 - ERP and the Data Warehouse
Chapter 12 - Data Warehouse Design Review Checklist


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