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Скачать Pro T-SQL 2005 Programmer's Guide (Expert's Voice) бесплатно

Pro T-SQL 2005 Programmer's Guide

Pro T-SQL 2005 Programmer's Guide (Expert's Voice)
Publisher: Apress | ISBN:159059794X | 532 Pages | PDF | Publication Date: April 23, 2007 | 4.55 MB

Pro T-SQL 2005 Programmer's Guide provides comprehensive and detailed coverage of all the major features and facilities of T-SQL for SQL Server 2005. It is designed for all users of T-SQL, database administrators, systems administrators, application developers, and end-users, who want to learn how to exploit the power of T-SQL. Whatever you need to do with T-SQL, you'll find it described clearly here.
Stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions are only part of the story. Dynamic SQL, the new XML data type, and SQLCLR programming are also covered, as well as accessing SQL Server with ADO.NET. Exception handling and performance are fully covered, too. This book is truly a complete programmer's guide to T-SQL and SQL Server 2005.

About the Author
Michael Coles has over a decade's experience designing and administering SQL Server databases. A prolific writer of articles on all aspects of SQL Server, particularly on the expert use of T-SQL, he holds MCDBA and MCP certifications. He received a bachelor's of science (magna cum laude) in information technology from American Intercontinental University. A member of the United States Army Reserve, he was activated for two years following 9/11.

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