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Скачать MCSE SQL Server 2000 Database Design Exam Cram 2 [REPOST] бесплатно

MCSE SQL Server 2000 Database Design Exam Cram

MCSE SQL Server 2000 Database Design Exam Cram 2
Publisher: Coriolis Group Books; 1st edition (September 13, 2001) | Language: English | ISBN: 1588800342 | 464 pages | CHM | 3.2 MB + Software 10 MB

The MCSE SQL 2000 Database Design Exam Cram is the ideal study aid for IT professionals aiming at the "Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition" exam (70-229). Essential exam objectives like Logical Data Modeling, Database Objects, Data Integrity, XML, and Tuning and Optimizing Data Access are thoroughly covered. Readers can also complete their total exam preparation with insightful test taking strategies, helpful hints and tips, and realistic case studies and practice questions.

About the Author
Richard Alan McMahon, Project Manager - Senior Project Planner and Scheduler, MCSE, MCP, MCP+I, MCT, CNA, CNE, and CNI. MBA - Systems Analysis and Marketing; Master of Science Degree - Operations Management; Bachelor of Science Degree (Double Major) - Management Information Systems and Operations Management. Adjunct Professor experience teaching Networking Software (Novell 4.11 CNA Preparation) and Networking Essentials (MCSE Preparation), and Introduction to Computers (MS Office 97 and Windows NT)

Sean Chase (Phoenix, AZ ), MCP is an IT consultant for Analysts International (AiC) in Phoenix, Arizona. He has worked as a Subject Matter Expert developing Microsoft Official Curriculum courses, and authoring self-paced training kits for Microsoft Press on such topics as Visual Basic and Visual InterDev since 1997.


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