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Скачать MySQL Administrators Guide And Language Reference, 2nd Edition бесплатно

MySQL AB | "MySQL Administrators Guide And Language Reference, 2nd Edition"
MySQL Press | Apr 2006 | ISBN: 0672328704 | English | CHM | Pages: 888 | 1.7 MB

Written by the creators of MySQL and edited by one of the most highly respected MySQL authors, the MySQL Administrator's Guide and Language Reference is the official guide to installing MySQL, to setting up and administering MySQL databases, and to storing and retrieving data in these databases. This new edition combines into one book the MySQL Language Reference (on CD) with the practical information of the MySQL Administrator's Guide book.

The MySQL Administrator's Guide and Language Reference is made up of those sections in the MySQL Reference Manual (available online in several formats and languages at http://dev.mysql.com) that focus on administering MySQL and on the SQL language used to perform database operations in MySQL.

Chapter 1 - General Information
Chapter 2 - Installing and Upgrading MySQL
Chapter 3 - Using MySQL Programs
Chapter 4 - Database Administration
Chapter 5 - Replication
Chapter 6 - Optimization
Chapter 7 - Client and Utility Programs
Chapter 8 - Storage Engines and Table Types
Chapter 9 - MySQL Cluster

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