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Скачать Paul Nielsen, «SQL Server 2005 Bible» бесплатно

Paul Nielsen, «SQL Server 2005 Bible»
Publisher: Wiley | Nov 2006 | ISBN: 0764542567 | Pages: 1340 | PDF | 34.3 MB

Develop and manage a SQL Server 2005 database like a pro

Seasoned database developers think inside the box, because that's where the cool code is. This comprehensive reference takes you inside the latest, coolest, and most powerful box, Microsoft's SQL Server 2005. Each of the book's seven sections focuses on key elements in a logical sequence, so you can easily find what you need—including all the basics, best practices, dozens of targeted examples, and sample code. If you develop, manage, or maintain SQL Server 2005 databases, this in-depth book is what you need to succeed!

* Master the fundamentals of SQL Server technology
* Write better logic queries for greater success
* Manage and secure a production database 24/7/365
* Integrate with .NET CLR and XML
* Understand SOA and emerging technologies
* Meet business intelligence goals with new tools
* Measure performance, lock transactions, and scale very large databases


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